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Dual boot Installation windows 7 and fedora 19

Previous HowTo Video aboutDual Boot Installation Windows 7 and Fedora 18′ was published on my YouTube Channel, In this tutorial i am going to explain ‘Dual boot Installation windows 7 and fedora 19′ step by step with the help of screen shots for better understandings.

The next topic will be on  ” HowTo Uninstall Fedora 19 and keep Windows 7 Safely ”

Windows 7 is already installed in ‘ C ‘ Drive and 50+ GB size is free which we will be using for Fedora 19 Installation. see the image below for better view.


Exiting Windows 7 Installation and Free Space






















Download Source Disk & ISO

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Fedora 19 Desktop – Install/Live DVD (PC)

Fedora 19 Desktop – Install/Live DVD (64-bit PC)

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Got your source Disk ? Let’s start the Installation.

Step-1  Restart your PC and select boot from CD-ROM drive and press ” Enter “ .

















Step-2 Press ” Enter “ by selecting first option as shown below.



















Step-3 On the next screen two options will appear chose ” Install to Hard Drive “



















Step-4  Select appropriate Language.



















Step-5 Set Date & Time and your Timezone.



















Step-5.1 Chose Region, City and  Done.



















Step 5.2 Type Hostname ‘ ‘







 Step-5.3 Select the drive you’d like to install to.



















Step-6 Chose ‘ Standard Partition ‘ ‘ Customized Layout ‘ and  ‘ Continue ‘ .




















Step-7 As shown in the below screenshot, i have 51.92 GB ( highlighted )  free space to install fedora 19. i will utilize all this space for the installation.

a) 500 MB ‘ /boot ‘
b) 1    GB     ‘ swap  ‘ ( double of your RAM )
c) 20 GB     ‘ /home ‘
d) 30.41 GB  ‘ / ‘ ( All remaining space assigned to ‘root’ )




















 Step-7.1 Create all other Partitions ( Repeat Step 7 )




















Step-8 Finally click on ” Accept Settings “




















Step-9 Click on ” Begin Installation “




















Step-10 Set  ” Root Password ” and ” Username ”




















Step-10.1 Type root password.

















Step-10.2 Follow the screen Instructions




















Step-11 Once the Installation process finish ” Reboot ” your PC and there will be new boot Menu as shown below.




















Next you will see the Welcome Screen.




















Finally after logged in we can see the Desktop Screen.




















Hope you like this tutorial any Question ? Post in Comments :)

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7 Responses to Dual boot Installation windows 7 and fedora 19

  • I can’t do step 7. when ever 1 try to add mount point it says not enough space. but i have 20gb of space

    • Primary partition should not be more than 3, Yesterday i tried with 50Gb as unallocated memory and installed fedora 20. In 7thy step you can give click them to create automatically. 1st option. it will do itself in that disk.

  • Primary partition should not be more than 3. Yesterday i tried. i tried with 50gb unallocated.

  • it’s mot work in my win 7 pc

  • I have a problem, I follow these steps to intall fedora, and it work, but I can’t acces win 8 now. It says ” Error: file /efi/Microsoft/boot/bootmgfw.efi not found
    You need to load kernel first”

  • i have the same problem of no disk space in step 7 and i don’t get the meaning of i shouldn’t have more than 3 primary partitions i have only c , d and e

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